What does FairShares do?

FairShares aims to expand the proficiency of the potential client/advisor search process. This is done by matching client objectives with advisor capabilities to ensure a strong client/advisor relationship from the beginning. We believe a transparent process enhances the client on boarding experience. 

Our number one goal is to create stronger relationships between individuals and advisors early on, giving you, the advisor, the opportunity to grow your business and spend less time prospecting for new clients. 

We accomplish this two ways:

  1. Prospective clients will fill out a risk assessment as well as input personal preferences. FairShares uses this information to pair clients with potential advisors, allowing clients to make the final decision on which advisor(s) they want to interact with through FairShares advisor messaging platform. 
  2. As an advisor, you too will build a profile to showcase your credentials, capabilities, and awards for prospective clients to view. 

The Bottom Line…

FairShares gives you the opportunity to connect with more potential clients. More potential clients means you have more chances to do what you do best – helping people navigate the uncertainties of their financial future, while giving them a greater chance to achieve their goals.

This way you spend less of your time prospecting and more time supporting your client’s financial dreams. For this reason, FairShares will be the primary platform that both new and experienced advisors will use to grow their business. 

Email connor@fairshares.co for more information on early access sign up